Depression. The Blues. The Black Dog. 

There are many terms used to describe depression just as there are many forms and intensities of depression. The biggest problem with depression is the stigma that goes with it. For many it’s a sign of weakness while others feel it’s something they’ve done that makes them not right in the head. Many will perform the ostrich dance and bury their heads in the sand with the hope that by ignoring it things will get better. Others will find escape in other ways be it illegal drugs or alcohol. Some may never realise they have it until it is too late. 

The fact is depression is nothing to be embarrassed about. It can be dealt with and sometimes it all starts with a simple question “R U OK?”

Below are some links for Australian sites and I apologise for those in other countries that I haven’t got links. If you read this and have suggestions for support site please let me know and I’ll add them.

The Black Dog Institute
Beyond Blue

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