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Trying New Skills – Part 2

Posted in Art, Craft and DIY, Personal Thoughts, Pokemon on February 15, 2017 by Neal

I’ve taken a few days off work this week in an attempt to recharge after a chaotic past couple of months. I made the mistake of saying out loud this morning that I should do something instead of just doing nothing. My youngest chimed in with “I know you can make my Pokémon eggs for me. I’ll find them.” So after being checked up on every 15 minutes or so all day I finally completed 2 Pokémon eggs for him. One random egg and one Togepi egg. 

They aren’t exactly mind blowing in their complexity. I had found some large egg shaped foam at the local cheap store and painted them in a base coat of white acrylic paint. I then proceeded to paint the shapes on and experimented with different shade mixes. The Togepi egg I washed in a very watered down yellow and wiped off to give it a slightly different tint. They were both sealed with a matt varnish spray to help protect the paint job. This is a simple way to make toys and ideal if kids want a craft they can have fun with.

Several months ago I also experimented with normal foam balls and made a Voltorb and an Electrode. 

One thing I did on all of these was to insert a screw into the bottom of the foam to act as a weight. This helps them stand up or at least align themselves better if they fall or roll over.