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He’s No Good To Me Dead – Making a Mandalorian Part 2

Posted in 501st, Cosplay, Mandalorian Mercs, Personal Thoughts, Star Wars on March 7, 2017 by Neal

Having looked at my current Mandalorian helmet and the design of the legacy armour I didn’t like how they looked together. So after some searching I found patterns for a range of different helmets. I’ve settled on doing a variant of Demagol’s helmet design.

As usual I managed to get the sizing slightly off. The helmet on the right fits me but doesn’t allow for any space and would need to be clam shelled to take on and off. However as usual it currently  fits my youngest so his armoury increases once again. Did some more resizing and the new one fits with enough space I can slide it on and off easily. 

Smaller helmet was a good practise as it helped me identify some of the tricky points that needed to be focused on during assembley. 

Next step is to fibreglass the helmets and then begin the slow process of filling out the shape and form with body filler. The armour I need to take a good look over so I can decide on the best way to connect the various parts together. 


He’s No Good To Me Dead – Making a Mandalorian Part 1

Posted in 501st, Art, Cosplay, Mandalorian Mercs, Personal Thoughts, Star Wars on February 24, 2017 by Neal

I’ve been throwing this mental football around in my head for ages and finally started to put thought into action. 

Being a Star Wars fan I’ve been keen on joining the 501st for several years now but cost has been a major limiter. Recently I managed to pick up several large sheets of 3mm PVC foam which is ideal for costuming. This gave me an idea and I went back to have a look at the Mandalorian Mercs website. I’ve got a half built helmet that I had started ages go when I attempted to make normal armour. Unfortunately the armour for crushed when I had things fall on it so I put things on the back burner.

With the PVC sheets I decided to take a big leap and started tracing out the patterns for a legacy era Mandalorian costume. I’ll have to make a different style of helmet to fit the style but that’s the fun part for me. I find building things can be very relaxing for me. 

Should prove an interesting learning curve as I’ve never used this material before.