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Guyver WIP – Part 1

Posted in Cosplay, Guyver on December 26, 2016 by Neal

It’s rather funny that while my kids have all the time in the world and no hobbies, I have loads of hobbies and no time in the world. 

It’s taken me a few weeks to tweak and mess around with files for printing but I think I have the correct scale for the Guyver costume. Now as usual when I start these sort of projects my first attempt is always off the mark size wise. 

Yeah this size will never fit my giant mug. It does however fit my 4yr old so he’s currently “encouraging me” to make the chest, legs, arms and all the other parts for “his” costume. Yes I know I’m a sucker all right. So his costume will act as a test guide for me. The build has a lot of bends and curves so while I work with 2mm craft foam for his, I’m using 12mm gym mats for mine. The obvious challenges is in shaping the thicker material and cutting things out to help them fit better. 

The helmet may be a little over sized but won’t know for sure until I finish the basic shaping and forming of it. Fingers crossed but so far the progress is looking good. 

More to come as I progress.


Just a Small Costume Build

Posted in Cosplay, Guyver on November 29, 2016 by Neal

Living in my heads means I get to have assorted delusions of grandeur and over estimate my abilities. For example I currently have 3 variants of a Batman Scarecrow mask in the works as the images in my head collide with my actual skill levels at the moment. Not to mention the various paper mock ups of Clone Trooper armour I have scattered around the house as I try and find the correct fit with the patterns I’m using. 

I have experimented with paper, fibreglass, resin and foam to build costume components and each time I make something I learn new tricks from a wide range of professionals on YouTube and Facebook. 

With all that in mind I’ve set myself a personal challenge. To finish off a complete costume by the start of April. Yeah I know I’ve said things like that before but as a push to get out of my rut I am focusing on a costume that can easily be modified due to its organic origins. No I’m not doing a cellophane monster from the early Dr Who episodes. 

I’ve always loved this character and after seeing some amazing costumes it sparked an urge to make one.

Presenting the Guyver Unit One

Probably a bit ambitious but I figure why not give it a shot. This will also give me more incentive to document my builds so I can learn from mistakes I make. Fingers crossed everyone 😬