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Trying New Skills – Part 1

Posted in Art, Craft and DIY, Personal Thoughts, Poseable Dolls on February 15, 2017 by Neal

I’ve seen a lot of videos and images on Facebook of poseable dolls and wondered what would it take to make such amazing works of art. I was sorting out my new work area in the shed and found a few stuffed Dino toys my wife had for other project ideas. Then I found some wire and stuffing in some other boxes I unpacked. 

Having found these things, my brain started churning over while I did some more unpacking. Once I was finished for the day I decided to give making a poseable doll a try. I didn’t get a lot of pics but I did come up with some learning points along the way.

First I made a basic shape out of the wire I had. While making the shape I realised the wire I had wasn’t as malleable as it should be so using softer armature wire would make more sense. This would allow the doll to bend more easily. Once I had the shape I then started unpicking the dino to remove the arms, legs and head. 

Using the stuffing I wrapped it around the skeleton frame and then slid the pieces over top. To bulk the limbs out I added more stuffing. I found that the skeleton didn’t sit right due to a couple of factors. The first being anchor points for the hands, feet, tail and head. Because I had just shoved the wire into the body parts they didn’t have a solid foundation to rest on. The second being the uneven position in the limbs as I hadn’t wrapped enough stuffing around the skeleton to make the bulk of the form.

Then came the process of stitching everything back together. I’m a little rusty and was in a bit of a hurry so my hand stitching wasn’t very neat. In the end Frankendino was born. He can stand on his own two feet. Not bad for a 4 hour practise piece. Has me considering some other ideas to work on in the future. 
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