So you’ve stumbled onto this blog through the swampy blackness of the Internet and wondering what’s going on. 

Firstly let me start by saying that I update probably as regularly as a politician keeps election promises. Secondly there may be times of rambling and actual useful information that I post. But still you ask what is this all for? Good question and I think I’ll even give a decent answer. 

My aim for this blog is to be an outlet for the introverted thoughts and expressions that generally stay locked away in my head. I have so many things going on in there you need traffic control to sort out the chaos. You will find topics on tabletop gaming, sci-fi, painting, cosplay, 3D printing, family, anime, movies, kids…ok really just about everything that a person faces day to day will end up on here. Some will make sense while others will be disjointed and lopsided.  

Now comes the typical contents of these about pages. I’m the husband of an amazing wife. I have 4 children who are all geeky and nerdy as me. Food provider for 2 dogs, 2 cats, 3 fish, 2 marine snails and 4 marine hermit crabs. I work full time as a manager at a petrol station and have a bachelor in IT. 

In short welcome to the portal of chaos and insanity. Let’s have some fun 


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