I Am The Law – Part 1

I’ve always been a big fan of Judge Dredd and the 2000AD universe. It’s a brutal view of how things in the world could become so easily given our current trends of the last half century. The Sylvester Stallone version was almost comical in its portrayal and blended other 2000AD characters into the mix. The most recent version by Karl Urban was very close to the source material and very gruesome. But I’m not discussing the movies or the political connotations to today’s society. I’ve been inspired for another cosplay idea by Dredd.

Presenting Judge Death

Now before people that know me start commenting how I don’t have the stature to play such a thin character, keep in mind by the time I get around to making this costume I’ll probably resemble death himself. Yes it would be a challenge to make some of the components of this but that’s what has my interest. We shall see what happens.


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