Let’s Experiment – Part 2

Well after 2 weeks I finished my experiment with home made ginger ale. It’s defiantly very gingerish and probably needs a better filter than a tea strainer. Bit of a tangy after taste but that may be due to letting it ferment for longer than planned. 

I used the following Ginger Ale receipe and have a few ideas to consider for next time.

1. Using bottled or filtered water. I used boiled water so may have had some residual chemicals which affected the time it took for fermentation.

2. Storing in a better sealed bottle for fermentation as the bottle I used had its seal missing. I also made the beginners mistake of opening it to release pressure.

3. I used golden syrup instead of molasses as that’s all I had. Perhaps using different sugars and ingredients will result in a different taste. 

Lots of sediment in the bottle but it sure gave a satisfying fizz sound when I popped the top. 

I have managed to kill the ginger bug as I used tap water to top it up without thinking so I’m going to start over. My next experiment will be to make two batches. One with bug and one without. 

For now I have 2 litres of ginger ale which tastes very pleasant and works well also mixed with soda water.


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