Interviews – Food for Anxiety

I’m sitting in the foyer of my company head office waiting for an interview. I’ve applied for a transfer to a new store that will be opening in the next couple of months as the manager. The funny thing is I’m nervous as hell which is odd considering I’ve worked for the area manager doing the interview. 

The anxiety in me is having a field day picking on all the little things I’ve done wrong at work these last few months. It keeps adding fuel to its own fire by expanding more on the mistakes. I counter every comment with a rational response so it digs deeper. At this rate I’ll have destroyed half a city in its views. 

However it’s not the interview that has me on edge. I can do interviews rather well. Answering questions and giving examples is something I can do blind folded (have yet to actually try that). It’s more the fact that I’m dealing with someone of authority higher than me. I’ve had this particular type of anxiety for as long as I can remember. No rational reason but that’s the joys of anxiety, rationality need not apply.


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