Let’s Experiment – Part 1

I like experimenting when I cook. I’ll look at what food options we have and usually can throw something together that tastes good. A classic example is my pasta sauce, which I’ve had people ask for the recipe of. Bit tricky to explain that it’s what ever I find in the fridge. I will add all sorts of things to the base of garlic, tinned tomatoes. It may have three or five bean mix, assorted veggies, beef or kangaroo mince… it all depends on what I have on hand. 

So after having a drink of ginger ale over the weekend in wondereded what would be needed to make my own. I present what I hope to be my ginger bug…

What you do is mix ginger, sugar and water together and let it ferment. This gives you a base to make soft drinks off of. Be interesting to see how this all works out. Will post progress reports 😄


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