Is Age Just a Number?

There are days when I wonder to myself, am I really getting older? After all I hit the 40 mark last year. Some times I look in the mirror and wonder when did I start looking so old? Receding hair line, grey streaks in my hair, tired look around the eyes, little extra weight in my face. All typical things that show age setting in. Then there’s the non physical things that remind me I’m getting older. Changes in technology, music that used to be current is now classified as old school, multiple reboots of shows I watched as a kid, celebrities that I grew up watching passing away. The list could go on and on. Top it off with my kids getting older and finishing school it all seems to say you are getting old. 

I take a moment and think to myself, I don’t act old. In fact I still think of myself as being 18 or 19 sometimes. I love computer games and get excited about some titles when I hear about their release. Totally enjoy comics and watching cartoons of all types. Still enjoy playing with toys and cosplay (despite having no complete costumes at the moment). So while my body says one thing my mind says another. 

So were did I get this concept of old age from? Life. Seems so simple but it’s the source of a lot of my turmoils at times. One thing you never get taught in high school is how to be an adult. You go from not having a care in the world to suddenly being in charge of your life. You have to work, study, pay bills, handle relationships. Things go crazy in a few months or a few years depending on your situations. Some of us have no choice but to grow up fast or else we fall to the slings and arrows of the world. 

While writing this I can’t help but notice I perhaps grew up at different stages rather than in a consistent pattern. I developed a very strong work ethic but my financial juggling skills have only grow in the last couple of years. My relationship skills are still improving. But it’s not necessarily a bad thing to develop in unusual ways. We tell kids to grow up and be older than they actually are but what if that’s just our projection of wishing to have the same abandon as kids have.

My family tell me to stop acting like a big kid while others say I should act my age. Now see the flaw in those comments is, what if I want to be 10 today because tomorrow I have to be 60 while discussing finance options? Our physical age can limit us a little but we shouldn’t let it dictate how we want to feel. Being young in heart and mind is very important to a healthy life because age is just a number and not a way of life.


2 Responses to “Is Age Just a Number?”

  1. Not ALL your family tell you to grow up!

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