Wrong Place For Inspiration

I have realised something very silly and a little concerning. I seem to find all my writing inspiration while I’m at work. For example I’ve had to cover another shift this week on my day off. I’ve done all the jobs I was behind on and have been bored silly for half of the night. During this time I find my mind coming up with topics to write about. Not exactly what I would call my muse but it seems to work. Perhaps it’s a hang on from when I used to commute almost a hour to and from work many years ago. During that time I would only have my thoughts to work with and I came up with some interesting stories and ideas for role play characters. The down side for me is anxiety and depression also love it when I stay stuck in my head so I have to keep an eye on things. Yes I know I don’t love my job. It’s just the only way we can have money until I figure out what my ideal job looks like. 

Oh well while I figure all that out you all get to read some of the random thoughts that come out of this mussed up mind of mine. Enjoy 🙂


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