Sorry I’m Always Appologizing 

I have a very bad habit that is constantly reenforced by my depression and anxiety. I say sorry for just about everything, even if I had no part in it. “Sorry I forgot to get milk. Sorry dinner doesn’t taste great (my own worse critic anyway when it comes to cooking). Sorry the global price of oil is down. Sorry you had a bad day.”  As you can see I’d also apologise for not having exciting blog posts. It drives my wife to distraction at times that I say sorry so much, yet there is a reason for my actions.

Anxiety has a lovely way of lowering my perception of my own self worth. I spend so much time internally dissecting myself that I can’t tell what is my responsibility and what is the anxiety. This results in my apology for all sorts of things, however it isn’t just a case of me saying sorry because I feel it’s my fault. There is also a level of sypmathy mixed in my apology as I offer uncertain support for the issue. Uncertain because the depression says ‘why bother doing anything’ while the anxiety says ‘you doomed us all’ and my own personality says ‘hey I feel for things’. Can be a very confusing mix at times. 


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