The Dastardly Duo and The Hero

No I’m not talking about the Joker and Harley, though they do cause a lot of chaos. The duo I’m talking about, while not physically real, cause havoc and mayhem on a daily basis. They back each other up and are always ready to destroy any plans for peace you might have. Anxiety and depression. 

The way they operate will be different for everyone but they still can cause countless problems day to day. What do they do and how bad can it be you ask?

For example you need to go to a party in which you don’t know anyone. Anxiety sneaks up from behind and whispers all the things that could go wrong if you go. Things like “you’ll make a fool of yourself”, “people won’t like you or talk to you”, “they’ll start World War 3 due to your presence”. Most of it unreasonable and way out of proportion for the event and others. It takes the smallest of sand grains and builds a castle of issues out of them. 

While you are battling the onslaught of anxiety, depression slides up and gives you a few words of discouragement. “Why are we going anyway?”, “easier to just forget about going”, “no one will notice you missing if you don’t go” are some of the loving words it whispers. Now of course with depressions’ whispers it’s adding new ammunition for anxiety who then gives depression a wider range of topics to comment on. 

This merry go round ends up with the apocalypse destroying the world leaving you a blubbering mess for eating a chip at the party you haven’t even gone to yet. They really do play off each other and make things difficult, sapping your willpower to make a decision. Yet there is a lone hero who can battle this pair on their own terms. This hero is reason, follower of logic. 

It’s very tricky to have reason fight this pair as they are good at clouding your decisions. Reason is usually found sitting with a family member, loved one or close friend. With a logical approach to the comments and questions thrown at you, it pulls apart to web of deceit that binds you into inaction. 

It’s an epic struggle and some days reason is the victor while others it will be anxiety or depression or both that hold up the trophy of your life. 


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