I May Be Broken, But It Makes Me Unique

Kintsugi has a philosophy that I never truely comprehended. I just figured it looked lovely but as the picture below explains, it’s much more than art. There is something in it that people with physical or mental problems can embrace.

I have seen this around in various motivational posts and posters but never really understood it. As I get a better understanding of my anxiety and depression I’m starting to see how Kintsugi fits in my life. 

My depression has shattered who I was previously, kind of like smashing a plate with a hammer. I can try and put myself back together but I will never be the same again. I can’t go back to the complete, pristine state I was before hand. There will be pieces missing, parts too pulverised to use or gaps caused by warping. In a disposable society I’d be thrown away and replaced (no my dear wife you can’t get rid of me that easily 😬) Being broken is seen as a bad thing and generally people have been shunned for being in such a state.

Confronting my depression and anxiety, I begin to put the pieces of myself back together. As parts come together I use my new coping mechanisms to join them together. I add my understanding into the gaps I can’t find bits for. I replace missing parts with new ideals and approaches. After a long process I will be finally back in the shape I once was but I will be different in appearance. I won’t have that pristine appearance I once had which some may find difficult to understand. After all when I am’better‘, people will expect me to be my normal old selves. I can never be ‘normal‘ again, not that I was to start with.

Being broken in life isn’t something to be ashamed about. We all face troubles that chip and crack at who we are. This makes us special and gives each of us a different story to tell. If we can all keep in mind the art of Kintsugi, we can have a world filled with unique pieces of art with us all. 


One Response to “I May Be Broken, But It Makes Me Unique”

  1. As if I would try! We can be ‘matching’ kintsukuroi together. 😋

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