He Typed in a Blog…You Won’t Beleive What Happened Next…

Now unless you only read emails and never use the web, you will have seen the old click-baits that adorn our social media feeds. The main aim of these is to drive revenue for adds that adorn the pages. People click on them in the vain hope that this time, the fact she used vinegar in her toilet, will result in some new insight into the world that may not have been known before. 

Yet every time we get conned and see an article that’s written over several pages, repeating the first page every second page, which doesn’t actually tell us anything new. I do find these very funny at times, especially the health related ones. The fact checking on these is so precise and amazing I’m surprised that the pharmacutical companies haven’t burned down all the rain forest to destroy this one cancer curing fruit.  Then there are the assorted range of photo galleries with the most shocking pictures of various topics like “don’t get caught wearing these fashion failures” or “disturbing images of people in compromising situations”.  Yet when you look at them you have to wonder what drugs the publisher of the article was on when they wrote things. Though I will admit, ugg boots and a mini skirt in winter is a serious fashion fail.

These are all critical details we should all be aware of in our daily lives and they provide a great public service alerting us to these things. If you believe that then I have a bridge you might be interested in buying. Now yes I know they are not to be taken seriously and are simply there to garner views. What I do wish is they could at least be a little more honest with their topics. Again I know this won’t get the responses they want, yet when I’m looking to read about disasterous texting fails I expect some real carnage. None of this “oops auto correct changed ‘pen is’ into penis and that ruined my life” kind of rubbish. 

I’m all for people sharing some of the more unusual things of the world. There are occasional diamonds amongst the truck loads of coal posted on the web. I’ll just have to face the fact that sometimes vinegar doesn’t solve every problem in the house.


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