Reboots – Work Great For Computers, Not Always For Movies

If there’s a buck to be made in a movie then there’s the chance Hollywood will grab the idea and run with it, Sharknado springs to mind. The choices for movie topics, stories and ideas are as limitless as our imaginations. Now that being said there must be some very imagineless people making decisions when it comes to new movies. Most of the time a reboot is aimed at just getting more money from an already successful franchise. It is very rare that a reboot does better than an original, almost like a sequel pales to the first. But we also have to consider that each person has their own opinions and views when it comes to what they enjoy. Keep that in mind as I give my views on things.

Personally I would like to consider reboots as a way to reinvent a franchise. Look at the movie as a whole new experience to the universe in which it is set. However more often than not this doesn’t always happen. Sometimes it’s a retelling of the original with minor updates or changes to make it a little more relevant or modern in concepts.

Spider-Man is an example of reboots for the sake of it. Starts off with a retelling of how Peter gets his powers and the death of his uncle directing his life. The only major difference is in the villains and the actors. Another example is the Nightmare on Elm Street which was almost identical to the original with a few minor additions. Why go to the effort of making a movie which has unlimited scope if you are going to copy most of the original. Remakes like Annie or many of the adaptations of Shakespeare’s work all follow a fixed format since that’s how they are written originally, so you would expect a lot of similarities between the different versions. 

Then you have the reboots that totally use the idea of a fresh start to their advantage. The most notable I would have to say is Star Trek. The 2009 version kicked off a whole new cast and vision of the Star Trek universe. They took advantage of having a clean slate to work with and generated a new alternate universe for the Enterprise to explore. Or there are movies like Halloween and Friday the 13th in which they follow the previous formula founded in the originals but add new additions that give more insight into the protagonist of the movie. After all finding out why Michael Myers went crazy adds extra depth to the silent killer.

Recently I watched the new Evil Dead movie. There are a few things that bugged me about it but that’s a different topic all together. While there were moments of subtle and not so subtle homage to the originals, the movie looked at a totally new aspect of the Naturom Demonto. The movie has a very serious tone to it rather than the light hearted original.

Reboots offer many options to the creator which can open up a whole new universe to viewers. However this doesn’t always happen and we can sometimes be left with simply an updated version of the original. Some fans will swear by the originals while others will bow to the remake. Either way we all have our own views on things and this is the important part to always remember. 


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