Night Before Christmas

”Twas the night before Xmas and all through the store, all I could hear was the fridges as they hummed and roared. 

The air con was cold while out side was hot, the media couldn’t tell if it would rain tonight or not. 

People were out doing lots of last minute shopping, even this late there seemed no signs of stopping.

Each person that came into the store wanted ice or fuel, all in order to help celebrate tomorrow’s Yule. 

A lady came in and wandered around, the look on her face a troubled frown.

“Do you sell sticky tape?” She quizzicaly asked with anticipation on her mind, I shook my head no as we only had the elctrical kind.

“But wait a moment” I said with a smile, “I think I can help, just wait a while.”

I grabbed a small roll of tape from the stationary drawer, and offered it to her as I could easily get more.

It was a pleasant surprise that I offered the tape, the smile on her face being a pleasant shape.

“Thank you so much you’ve just saved my Xmas day.” She grinned as she left and went on her way.

People need to remember what Xmas is truly about. It’s not the presents or gifts that we give a shout. 

It’s doing good and helping those in need, for we show our true selves when we do a good deed

A recount of my Xmas eve as I ponder things instead of working. 


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