Wisdom From The Future. Part 2

A mind without purpose will wander in dark places.

Here is another quote I read from a Warhammer 40K book which I feel seems to sum up how depression can impact on someone.

The idea for this quote is that without purpose a person will turn to the darker forces which rampage through the galaxy within the 40K universe. This leads people to be possessed by daemons and become conduits for the chaotic forces in the warp.

For depression I feel it shows the impact it can have on your mind. Depression causes us to loose direction and focus. You begin to feel tired and the idea of doing anything becomes harder, staying in bed and avoiding things offers a better result than forcing a smile and joining the world at large. Without ways to cope with this creeping darkness within, the mind starts looking at things in a way you would normally never do. 

“I wonder what stepping in front of a bus would be like? Does falling off a ledge really hurt?” Things you wouldn’t normally consider start to take on an unhealthy interest. Add in the emotional doubts and self destructive feelings, you get a very potent mix. Unchecked this leads to the inevitable suicide attempts.

It’s a delicate balance fighting depression, made even harder by the chaotic and uncertain world we live in today. 


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