Running Out Of Time

Years ago I used to play World of Warcraft every night as a way of relaxing and winding down. Being able to run around and unleash frustrations of the day on unsuspecting pixels helped to keep my mind at ease. 

But as always the cost of these things tend to be one of the first to go when the family budget needs adjusting. So just as the Warlords of Draenor came out I stopped playing due to cost cutting. 

Jump forward a few years and the new expansion comes out and after hearing reviews about how amazing it is I decided to get back into things for a while. Now I have a new problem and that is in the form of evil Mistress Sleep working jointly with the diabolical Master Work – Crusher of Souls. 

My current work schedule has me starting early morning and living 30mins drive on a good day away makes for a very early start. This it’s a reasonable bed time for me. Add in a hyper 4yr old and it can sometimes take me a while to actually fall asleep at night.

Now I find myself battling the clock as I run through quest lines. My battles taking on a sense of urgency as I work to get to a location that is safe enough to log out so I don’t get attacked the second I log back in. 

Keep in mind I’m the sort of gamer who always says “just one more quest and I’ll be done….wow how is it 3am?”


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