The Power of Dreams

Had a very rough night sleep last night and have woken up feeling like I didn’t sleep at all. But the weirdest part wasn’t the waking up or bizzare dreams I had, though if I could articulate what I dreamed I’d have a kick ass couple of novels to write. 

No the weird part was how my dreams reacted to physical things that happened while I slept. For example my arm was in an odd position and as it started to hurt, rather than trigger my body to move to relieve the pain, my dream incorporated the pain into itself. 

The human body and brain can make for an interesting time when you sleep. In time I will recover from the beating I got in a bar fight and tend to the broken arm I got hanging from the door of a shuttle as it crash landed, but I’m going to ponder what else my mind could come up with depending on how I sleep.


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