The Island Question

You’re stranded on a deserted island. What 3 things would you have with you?

We’ve all been asked variants of this at some stage in our life. Some use it to gauge who or what you value the most in life. Others see it as a way to visualise a fantasy aspect that they would like to have, while some see it as a test of logic and reasoning. Either way you look at it we all give different answers depending on the way it’s asked and we most likely never give the same answer more than once. 

One thing I have noticed is as I’ve grown older, my answers have changed a lot which is to be expected. Instead of super models and helicopters with loads of fuel, I find myself not really wanting to leave such a place. As long as I have shelter, food and water I’d be happy to in such a situation. This I think is more to do with how busy life as a parent and adult is more than anything else. Then there are those aspects of depression that would absolutely thrive in such an isolated environment. Which could be good or bad depending on your views. 

So perhaps the question should be more a case of “you are stranded in the mediocrity of life, what 3 things do you need to be happy?”


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