My Personal Ferris Wheel

What does depression and Ferris wheels have in common for me? They both go round in an endless cycle, always stop when your at the top or bottom of the ride and generally they bore me no end. 

I can’t stand Ferris wheels. I don’t like heights in which I have no control over. Things like rides, planes, elevators etc give me a deep seated fear that I can’t explain, yet I can scale a wall, climb on roof tops or mountain climb with no worries. Depression for me is a bit like a Ferris wheel but inverted. When I’m doing ok the ride has paused at the bottom. All is nice and relaxing. Then the ride starts up and as I start to feel down or lack motivation the carriage is making its way around to the top. Now sometimes it goes all the way around which I can handle but when the ride gets stuck at the top it’s very difficult to get things moving again. 

Then there is the going around and around, seeing the same things over and over till your ride stops. I go around this cycle and try all sorts of things to get things to stop. Sometimes it’s very easy to shrug off the negative effects but then there are times it just hangs in there.

Depression for everyone is different and we all see and understand things in ways others may not. Keep an open mind and always remember it’s good to ask someone “R U OK?”


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