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Why am I blogging?

Posted in Personal Thoughts on November 2, 2015 by Neal

Greetings and welcome.

Now I have to warn you that some things on here may not make any sense. The idea is to give myself an outlet for all the introverted ramblings that are stored in my head. They tend to get all jumbled up and start over lapping each other so the idea is to give these an outlet and perhaps learn new things myself. Maybe someone reading something I write can gain wisdom from it while others can provide me with a solution I can’t see.

So what will I be blogging about. Well anything and everything. I’ll discuss my hobbies, views on how things in the world affect me and my family, comments on personal issues and perhaps even use you all as test subjects for some story ideas that have been doing the rounds in my head for many years.

Would you like the obligatory about me speech that accompanies all blogs? Why yes you do because by the time you finish reading this sentence you will know that I’m a husband to an amazing wife, a father to 4 incredible children and have a keen interest in sci-fi, fantasy, all things technological and working through my personal battles with depression and anxiety. While that’s not all there is to me that’s a good starting point.

You may have noticed I said I am battling depression. This has taken me a very long time to accept on a personal level. Despite all the awareness campaigns and discussions in the media and online, depression is still treated by some as a bit of a taboo thing to talk about. The tricky part I found with depression is that it can hit anybody no matter their social standing or position. Being an introvert makes my depression fun to manage at times. Living in my head a lot means I don’t express what’s going on in there as well as others may.

I’m no expert but I do have my own views on things so please keep that in mind. The internet is always too quick to absolve or condemn a person for their views while expecting that person to accept the consensus of the whole as being the way things should be.

Sometimes I will ramble on about things and other times I may have only a few things to say. The only real thing I ask is that everyone have an open mind while reading not just my stuff but others as well. Consider opinions and views that you may not have considered and be prepared to ask questions, not accuse or condemn.

Comments and views are welcome but do keep things civil please. No need for hostility since the world already has enough of that around.